Lost and found

Were you so excited or relaxed during your ride in one of our vehicles that you lost a personal belonging?

Do not worry! If so, it is most likely that the driver found it and it is stored in our headquarters.

Please fill in the following form in detail and we will contact you within the next 5 days to manage the return. If case you are enjoying your holidays on the Costa del Sol we will send it back to your accommodation in the shortest time possible, according to availability. If you are already at home, we will keep your belonging until the messenger pick it up.

Remember: you do not need to contact us by phone, we just need a little time to get the lost belonging to our headquarters and manage the return. Thank you!

Please note due to storage limitations we keep the lost items for one month from the finding date. After this time, we will give them a second life by giving them to different charitable associations or take them to the local waste facilities for recycling; the personal documentarions will be given to the the competent authority and the perishable goods will be destroyed the next day.